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Humboldt Genetics, Sativa and Indica as well as Hybrid and Multiple Strains based on planting schedule. Our Clones are all Feminized.

Seed Strains

  • Bread N' Butter - Bread N' Butter is a harmonious union of two legendary strains, Donkey Butter and Bakers Dozen. Which leaves us with an Indica dominant hybrid that has an inviting combination of flavors and effects that provide an awesome cannabis experience. Flavor: Sour and Gas

    Popscotti - Popscotti is a cross with Biscotti and the award winning Michigan strain Red Pop. This Indica Hybrid brings a relaxing experience with a sweet vanilla taste and a fruity aroma. Definitely good for a slow day at home. Flavors Vanilla, Sweet, Nutty Aroma sweet, fruity, herbal

    Mountain Top Mint - Mountain Top mint is a true hybrid at 50/50 sativa/indica and is a cross between the bling and Mac mints. It has a minty mixed with sour flavor and a nice skunky aroma. Along with a nice happy almost energetic effect. Flavor- Mint/sweet/sour Aroma mint/skunk/gas

    Vanilla Frosting - Vanilla frosting is a hybrid which is a cross between Humboldt Gelato bx3 and Humboldt frost og. This is a nice strain if you need to help tap into your creativity while also feeling relaxed physically. With a sweet vanilla forward taste with slight bit of gass at the end. Flavor sweet, earthy, gas Aroma sweet, skunk

    Rainbow Sherbert - Rainbow Sherbert is a true 50/50 hybrid it's a cross of blackberry and purple champagne kush. It has a sweet fruit flavor with a relaxing experience and nice change of perspective. Flavor sweet, fruity Aroma fruity, floral, sweet

    Purple Runtz - Purple Runtz is a 50/50 hybrid, zkittlez crossed with Gelato 33. It's has a sweet and sour citrus fruit flavor with a slightly stimulating focus effect. Flavors citrus, sour, sweet Aroma citrus, tropical

    Grape Ape - Grape ape is an indica dominant hybrid, it's best known for its dense buds and fruity Grape flavor. It will leave you feeling mellow and relaxed, with an urge to eat ice cream. Flavor Grape, fruity, sweet Aroma sweet, fruity

    Stank House - Stank house is a indica dominant hybrid a cross between the soap and baker Dozen. It's a gassy forward flavor with a slight vanilla lemony tone at the end. Will definitely leave you with a nice uplifting experience. Flavors gas, vanilla, lemon Aroma gas, lemon

    Jelly Donutz - Jelly Donutz is a sativa dominant hybrid, it's parents are hella Jelly and white runtz. It has a fruity cookie flavor with an energetic and uplifting effect. Flavor fruity, sweet Aroma fruity, sweet

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