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Legacy Humboldt Genetics & Cultivars, Now in New York

Curating ANIMAL HOUSE CLONES & PLANTS allows CannaBliss to offer Humboldt Genetics, Animal House Grown, & Distributed right here in The Hudson Valley. ANIMAL HOUSE flower, pre-rolls, infused products, available in retail dispensaries throughout New York. Humboldt Genetics, Washington State Grow Systems, defines "place, people, and product", Just like Champagne is to France, now in New York.

Meet The Growers of Animal House New York

Animal House New York Brands  
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Meet CannaBliss Curators of Animal House Plants & Clones

The CannaBliss Team, curates the same plants and clones that produces Animal House cultivars, found in dispensaries throughout New York State. Humboldt Genetics cultivated by Animal House New York, and exclusively curated by CannaBliss Plants and Clones, mean you're getting superior quality & unmatched genetic legacy. Together, we are a seasoned team, with years of experience in cultivation, sales, marketing and distribution. Come grow with us. Find out more about becoming an Affiliate, and the opportunity to grow with us!

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